The Menai Eisteddford - March 2019


Ava - Acro (1st), Contemporary
Anastasia - Lyrical (2nd)
Lily - Lyrical (HC), Musical Theatre (HC)
Alexis - Classical (HC), Lyrical
Katelyn - Musical Theatre (HC), Lyrical
Alyssa - Musical Theatre (HC)
Sibel - Jazz (HC), Contemporary
Jessica - Jazz (3rd), Contemporary


Tayanah - Contemporary (1st), Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Monique - Lyrical (1st), Contemporary (HC), Jazz Duo (1st), Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Katrina - Jazz Duo (1st), Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Mary - Lyrical (HC), Contemporary, Contemporary Duo (3rd)
Halle - Contemporary Duo (3rd)


Rebekah - Contemporary (1st)
Liana - Lyrical (2nd)
Emily - Musical Theatre (1st)
Tahlia - Musical Theatre (2nd)
Layla - Musical Theatre (3rd), Contemporary (HC)
Isabella - Contemporary
Hayley - Jazz, Lyrical, Fast Tap
Melis - Fast Tap


Erin - Jazz (HC), Lyrical (HC), Contemporary, Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Michaela - Lyrical (2nd), Fast Tap (3rd)
Sophie - Lyrical (HC)
Lauren - Lyrical (HC)

Menai Dance Centre

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