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This is a class ideally suited for tiny tots to encourage the love of dancing. Designed to help develop pre-school children’s physical potential, flexibility, strength, rhythm, discipline and co-ordination. During the fun-filled forty-five minutes each week, children will participate in games for the imagination as well as basic movement and dance.


This class is is full of fun and flexibility. Combining acrobatics and dance, Acro-Dance is a technically diverse, high energy and entertaining style of dance. Students learn to tumble on professional tumble mats and learn from our qualified acrobatics teachers.


Modern music and modern moves ensure every Jazz student enjoys our range of classes.


An extension of our highly successful Twinkle Toes program, Jazzy Tappers is an introduction to tap and Jazz dancing for the Tinies age group. This class is designed to help with co-ordination and confidence. Lots of fun and lots of noise!


Modern music and modern moves ensure every contemporary student enjoys our range of classes. Every student can choose to undertake Capricorn Contemporary Exams in our own studios.


MDC can provide both Traditional and Funk Tap. The Tap curriculum is taught and examined and modern Funk Tap introduces a new depth to tap routines.


This style of dance will provide a high degree of technique. Structured to suit the Australian Calisthenic Federation syllabus, calisthenics allows teachers to create entertaining and show stopping routines with stunning costumes. Calisthenic competitions are available nation wide for both teams and solos.


Modern, fast, strong, energetic and fun, Hip Hop is proving popular with teens and young adults.


A full range of R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet syllabus classes are taught, catering for children from 5 years of age. We cater for the student who wishes to learn just for pleasure and for those students who may study ballet more seriously with a view to pursuing a career in dance or dance teaching. Our experienced teachers are trained in safe dance practices and teach R.A.D. ballet. The R.A.D. is the largest examining and training body for classical ballet in the world.
We strongly encourage all our students to participate in the RAD exams to enable seamless progression through the standard levels. Students who participate in the examinations are required to attend a minimum number of classes per week in order to learn and benefit from the ballet syllabus.
All R.A.D. grades from Pre-primary to Major Advanced work are taught and MDC students undertake their R.A.D. Grade Exams in our own studios.


A gentle movement class with modern music and a balletic flowing style. Suitable for jazz students and ballet students who would like to try something a little different.


Singing lessons can be fun for anyone using their favourite songs, microphones and performing for parents and friends. Combined with subtle dance moves, this class will bring the performer out in everyone!


Drama provides students with opportunities to gain confidence in their own abilities especially when communicating verbally as well as non-verbally. Drama develops in students a sense of aesthetic understanding and assists them in exploring emotion and group work strategies

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