Concert - December 2022!      


Well done to each and every student who stepped on stage. Our biggest and BEST concert yet!

Congratulations to our major award winners:

💙MDC 2022 SCHOLARSHIP WINNER: Sarah R (How gorgeous is this throwback photo!)

💙MDC John Meggos Best New Talent: Violet T (pictured with Anastasia and Chase Meggos)

💙MDC Most Valuable Player: Lily D

💙MDC Volunteer of the Year: Tina R

🌟Senior Most Outstanding Dancer : Hayley T

🌟Senior Encouragement: Isabella D

🌟Intermediate Most Outstanding Dancer: Jordyn P

🌟Intermediate Encouragement: Bethany R

🌟Junior Most Outstanding Dancer: Indiana T

🌟Junior Encouragement: Ciara M & Larissa M

🌟Sub Junior Most Outstanding Dancer: Chloe K

🌟Sub Junior Encouragement: Alyssa D

🌟Tinies Most Outstanding Dancer: Ziva G

🌟Tinies Encouragement: Annabelle C

McHappy Day - November 2022!      


Check out some of our MDC performance highlights

We loved performing for our Menai community and most importantly supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities

RAD Ballet Exams - October 2022!      

Our lovely Ballet students completed their Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exams. It was a great experience for each student and we could not be prouder of their performances and professionalism on the day.

Grade 2 - Jemima K, Zoey F, Vivian R, Isla Z, Ciara M, Larissa M

Grade 3 - Sophie O, Jade J

Grade 4 - Lillianne N, Bethany R

Grade 5 - Jordyn P, Anastasia M

Grade 7 - Lily D, Rebekah D, Isabella D, Natasha K

Grade 8 - Josiah B, Hayley T

Intermediate Foundation - Amy AG, Phoebe AG, Phoebe B

The Menai Eisteddfod Solos - September 2022!      

Just before the school holidays, some of our beautiful soloists competed in their last eisteddfod for the year at The Menai Eisteddfod
Congratulations to you all, you were so beautiful on stage and a credit to you and all your teachers
10U - Sarah: Broadway Jazz (2nd place) and Contemporary
12U - Beth: Lyrical (3rd place), Indiana: Lyrical, Paige: Jazz and Contemporary, Olivia: Jazz
14U - Anastasia: Broadway Jazz (2nd place), Lyrical (HC) and Contemporary
15+ - Lauren: Jazz (1st place) and Lyrical, Hayley: Jazz (2nd place), Lyrical, Fast Tap, Contemporary, Olivia: Contemporary, Katrina: Contemporary
A HUGE congratulations to Sarah and Lauren for being selected for the special Champion of Champions section! Two of our hardest working students, you thoroughly deserved your invitations! Congrats to Miss D and Miss Charlotte for your hard work with these two routines

The Menai Eisteddfod Solos - July 2022!      

6U / 8U / 10U

Well done to our youngest two performers. Well done to our youngest performers..Sisters Isla and Ciara. So glad to see you perform your best and have a wonderful day!

And our 10u pocket rocket Sarah. Congratulations on performing your Contemporary and Broadway solos. You have grown so much this year and we can’t wait to see you back out there


How stunning were our 12s! Bethany performed her Lyrical for the very first time and Olivia performed her Jazz for the first time ever. Proud of these two who enjoyed their first eisteddfod. And well done to Paige for performing her Jazz and new Contemporary solos. Your teachers Miss Beccy and Miss Georgia are over the moon!



Our beautiful 14s! Lily and Anastasia - you are both such wonderful performers and excellent role models for our younger students who just adore you. Lily - 1st Musical Theatre, 2nd Broadway Jazz, HC Contemporary. Anastasia - 3rd place Broadway Jazz and stunning Lyrical and Contemporary performances. Very proud!!


And last but not least - our beautiful seniors! Such a joy to watch.

Rebekah: 2nd Lyrical Open, 2nd Lyrical Improvisation, 2nd Contemporary Improvisation. Olivia: 1st Lyrical, HC Contemporary. Hayley: 1st Lyrical, 3rd Contemporary, 3rd Fast Tap

Lauren: we missed you and can’t wait to see you take the stage in September

Australian Calisthenics Nationals - June 2022!

How amazing to have 12 lovely Solo/Duo Representatives at the ACF Nationals once again!

Congratulations girls (Back to Front, Left to Right) Charlize, Lucienne, Ava, Layla, Isabella, Megan, Josephine, Lily, Anastasia, Sarah, Scarlett, Jordyn

Pointe Shoe Fitting - May 2022!      

Today, 6 very determined young ladies were fitted for their very first pair of pointe shoes! Congratulations to Jordyn, Lily, Anastasia, Isabella, Natasha and Hayley. We cannot wait to see you progress through this next stage of your ballet journey

ITS Troupes - April 2022!      

PROUD is an understatement! What an awesome day at In The Spotlight Dance Challenge!
Each and every single one of you gave it your all today and amazing results to top it off:
🥇1st - Senior Lyrical
🥈2nd - Senior Jazz
🥈2nd - Inter Lyrical
🥈2nd - Inter Jazz
🏅HC - Open Contemporary
Special mention to Senior Lyrical who made Miss D cry (proud tears).. not an easy task!
To Layla and Isabella for being superstars and performing in all 5 routines
To Miss Charlotte for her awesome choreography and training she has put into these students
What a team!

The Menai Eisteddfod Solos - March 2022!      


Anastasia - 3rd place Contemporary, HC Broadway, HC Lyrical, HC Own Choice

Lily - 2nd place Musical Theatre, 3rd place Broadway, HC Jazz, HC Own Choice

Lauren - 1st place Jazz, 2nd place Lyrical

Bek - 3rd place Lyrical, HC Own Choice

Hayley - HC Lyrical, HC Contemporary, HC Fast Tap

A special shout out to our first-time solo student who finally got to get her solo on stage! Paige you were outstanding and we can’t wait to see you back up there doing what you love!

And to all our others who missed out due to illness, isolation or injury - Ciara, Isla, Sarah, Ava, Layla, Olivia - We can not wait to see you back up on that stage!

Ev & Bow Youth Company - February 2022!      

Congratulations to our two wonderful seniors Lily and Rebekah for your acceptance in to the Ev and Bow Youth Company! We are so proud of you and can not wait to see what this opportunity brings to your training

Concert - January 2022!      

WHAT A SHOW!! We had the best time at the MDC Concert over the weekend. Well done to each and every student who stepped on stage. After another year of online learning and postponing our show - we coudlnt be prouder.

Congratulations to our major award winners:


💙MDC Best New Talent: Peyton A

💙MDC Most Valuable Player: Alexis P

💙MDC Volunteer of the Year: Karen L

🌟Senior Most Outstanding Dancer : Josiah B

🌟Senior Encouragement: Natasha K

🌟Intermediate Most Outstanding Dancer: Anastasia M

🌟Intermediate Encouragement: Stacey L

🌟Junior Most Outstanding Dancer: Paige M

🌟Junior Encouragement: Maddison B

🌟Sub Junior Most Outstanding Dancer: Ariana M

🌟Sub Junior Encouragement: Vivian R

🌟Tinies Most Outstanding Dancer: Jemima K

🌟Tinies Encouragement: Kaliyah G

Cali Concert - December 2021!      

So very proud of our Cali Dancers who were lucky enough to finish off the year with a concert. Although no competitions this year, you shone on stage and we can't wait to see what next year brings!

RAD Ballet Exams - November-December 2021!      

Celebrating our gorgeous RAD ballet exam students! You all performed beautifully and should be incredibly proud of your efforts. Thank you to Miss Naomi and Miss Mia for your continued training and support of our students and for running a ballet program that we are incredibly proud of.

Return to Dance - October 2021!      

And we’re back So excited to see our students in the flesh. A huge improvement, we hardly recognize them!

Dance & Dazzle Troupes - June 2021!      

How gorgeous are our Intermediates and Seniors!

We had a wonderful time at Dance & Dazzle Eisteddfod yesterday. Two stunning performances and lots of fun! Icing on the cake…

1st Place in Intermediate Lyrical

2nd Place in Senior Lyrical

2nd Place in Senior Jazz


The Menai Eisteddfod Solos - March 2021!      


Sarah performed her lyrical beautifully and was awarded HC for her Broadway Jazz. Scarlett placed 3rd in Broadway Jazz and Isla was awarded 3rd for her Acro Solo. Pictured here with our principal and their teacher Miss Danielle. Keep shining little ones!


Congratulations to you all for your many entertaining performances - Sasha, Indie, Sibel taught by Miss Georgia - Ava, Lily, Anastasia, Alexis taught by Miss Danielle.. what a talented group of young ladies and such great friends too. Congrats on your places Lily (1st Broadway, 2nd Contemporary, 2nd Acro), Ava (1st Acro, HC Lyrical), Alexis (2nd Demi Character, 3rd Jazz, HC Lyrical), Indie (HC Jazz, HC Contemporary), Sibel (HC Hip Hop)

14U / 15+

Hayley was stunning in her lyrical placing 3rd, Isabella was beautiful in her lyrical and Emily and Lily debuted their duo and were awarded HC. Rebekah performed beautifully in the Open Sections picking up 3rd and HC (pictured here with her teacher Miss Charlotte) and how good is this stage shot of Lauren who was amazing on stage in her Lyrical and Jazz solos


Ev & Bow Youth Company - February 2021!      

Huge congratulations to our amazing Rebekah for her acceptance to the Ev & Bow Youth Company. We are so proud of you! You work so hard on your technique week after week and it is paying off! Thank you to all of her teachers for helping to shape the dancer she has become, enjoy this fabulous experience!

Assistant Teacher Accreditation - January 2021!      

Our talented Assistant Teachers attended their yearly training session yesterday! What a very talented group of role models we have at MDC

Miss Rebekah, Miss Anastasia, Miss Lauren, Miss Katrina, Miss Natasha & Miss Lily

Thank you for all you do to help both our teachers and students

Concert - December 2020!      

Not one, not two, but THREE successful concerts. With so many rules and restrictions in place it was a pleasure to see you all perform at the 2020 Concert!

Announcing our major award winners for 2020

💙MDC Scholarship Winners - Lily D and Emily M (pictured)

💙Best New Talent - Jordyn P

💙Eisteddfod MVP - Erika G

💙Volunteer of the Year - The Cook Family

🌟Senior Most Outstanding Dancer - Lauren B

🌟Senior Encouragement Award - Parris and Adrianna T

🌟Intermediate Most Outstanding Dancer - Rebekah D

🌟Intermediate Encouragement Award - Melis O

🌟Junior Most Outstanding Dancer - Indiana O

🌟Junior Envouragement Award - Sibel O

🌟Sub Junior Most Outstanding Dancer - Amilia S

🌟Sub Junior Encouragement Award - Alyssa G

🌟Tinies Most Outstanding Dancer - Ciara Z

🌟Tinies Encouragement Award - Mary-Rose S

RAD Ballet Exams - October-November 2020!      

Well Done RAD Ballet Students for completing your exams
Grade 1 - Sophie, Sofia, Amelia, Zoey
Grade 2 - Lillianne, Ava, Bethany
Grade 3 - Anastasia, Alexis
Grade 5 - Emily, Erika, Isabella, Chloe, Rebekah, Natasha, Lily
Grade 6 - Ariana, Hayley, Sarah-Louise, Josiah
Intermediate - Phoebe, Phoebe, Aimee

The Menai Eisteddfod Solos - September 2020!      

6U / 8U
A huge congratulations to our youngest soloists on their performances at the Menai Eisteddfod on Saturday!
Isla performed her Acro solo for the very first time and received a Highly Commended in the 6U section and Sarah performed not one, but TWO new solos - Broadway Jazz and Lyrical in the 8U section
So very proud of you both for taking the stage and your smiles said it all 💙
Next up... our 10 years soloists! Well done to Sasha, Jess, Katelyn and Ava. You all did such a wonderful job and enjoyed your time on the stage. Well done to Ava for 2nd place in Acro Solo





Special shout out to Lily for smashing her solos with a record 3 wins, and to Indie for taking the stage for the very first time and achieving BIG results!
Left to right:
Isabella - HC Contemporary, HC Acro
Emily - 2nd Acro, HC Lyrical
Anastasia - 3rd Contemporary
Sibel - 1st Jazz, 2nd Hip Hop
Alexis - 2nd Demi Character, HC Classical
Lily - 1st Broadway Jazz, 1st Acro, 1st Lyrical, 2nd Contemporary
Indie - 2nd Jazz
Tahlia - 3rd Acro
14U / 15+
Congratulation to our gorgeous seniors on their performances last weekend! So great to see you back on the stage! Special mention to Bek for her 1st place in her new Contemporary solo, HC in Lyrical and Erika for her 2nd place in her new Jazz solo and HC in Lyrical






Online Learning - April-July 2020!      

Classes Suspended - March 2020!      

We held off as long as we could, and tonight we had our last dance classes for the foreseeable future
To say we are devastated is an understatement. We hope all our families stay healthy during this extended break, and we can all get back to the studio as soon as possible
Please check your emails for details on classes, plans and updates for our current members
Miss Danielle
Menai Dance Centre Director/Principal

Dance Competitions - February 2020!      

Well done to these three MDC superstars for their first solo/duo performances over the weekend. Rebekah, Ava and Lily, Couldn’t be prouder of you and look forward to many big things to come for you all this year. Special shout out to Ava for 2nd place, and Lily/Ava duo for 3rd place

Concert - December 2019!      

So very proud to see all our dancers take the stage!
Such a great way to finish of the 2019 season
Announcing our major award winners for 2019
💙 MDC Scholarship Winner - Layla D (pictured)
💙 Best New Talent - Sasha C
💙 Eisteddfod MVP - Rebekah D
💙 Volunteer of the Year - Katrina Dwyer
🌟 Senior Most Outstanding Dancer - Monique O
🌟 Senior Encouragement Award - Phoebe B
🌟 Intermediate Most Outstanding Dancer - Katrina
🌟 Intermediate Encouragement Award - Arielle C
🌟 Junior Most Outstanding Dancer - Alexis P
🌟 Junior Envouragement Award - Tahlia D
🌟 Sub Junior Most Outstanding Dancer - Tahlia M
🌟 Sub Junior Encouragement Award - Sarah R
🌟 Tinies Most Outstanding Dancer - Anabella J
🌟 Tinies Encouragement Award - Savannah Y

McHappy Day - November 2019!      

Yay for McHappy Day!
Well done Jazzy Tappers, Junior Hip Hop, Junior Tap and soloists Lily, Ava and Katelyn
Thank you MC’s Emily and Lily

Champion of Champions - October 2019!      

Wishing the very best of luck to these girls for when they compete tomorrow at the Menai Eisteddfods:
✨ 11 - 12 years - Layla & Emily
Performing their Jazz Duo.
✨ Seniors - Monique
Performing her jazz routine.
✨ Seniors - Erin
Performing her Contemporary routine.
Head on down to Engadine Community Centre from 2pm to support the girls!

The Menai Eisteddfod Solos - September 2019!      

Katelyn - 1st Musical Theatre, 2nd Broadway Jazz
Ava - 1st Acro, HC Lyrical
Alyssa - 2nd Acro
Alexis - 3rd Demi Character
Jessica - 3rd Lyrical
Anastasia - HC Jazz
Congrats to Sibel for excellent Personal Best performances!


Layla - 1st Contemporary, 1st Musical Theatre, 1st Jazz Duo
Emily - 1st Broadway Jazz, 1st Jazz Duo
Rebekah - 2nd Contemporary Impro, HC Lyrical
Isabella - 3rd Own Choice Solo
Lily - 2nd Contemporary, HC Broadway Duo
Tahlia - HC Acro, HC Broadway Jazz, HC Broadway Duo
Erika - HC Lyrical
Congrats to Hayley, Melis, Liana for excellent performances!


Monique - 1st Jazz, 1st Contemporary
Mary - 2nd Lyrical, 3rd Contemporary
Aimee - HC Classical
Rebekah/Olivia - 3rd Contemporary Duo
Montana/Mary - 3rd Hip Hop Duo


Erin - 1st Lyrical, 2nd Contemporary
Aimee - HC Classical
Lauren - 1st Jazz, 2nd Lyrical
Darcy - 2nd Jazz, 3rd Lyrical
Lauren - 2nd Place

Inspire Troupes - August 2019!
TME Troupes -September 2019!

A HUGE congratulations to our amazing Troupes who competed at the Inspire Eisteddfod over the weekend. Penrith was chilly but full talent!
Special shout out to our 10u Mini’s who performed their Jazz routine for the first time, and to our Intermediate Contemporary girls for an awesome 2nd place.
Massive shout out to our amazing MDC Troupes for their last Eisteddfod for 2019!
What amazing results, we are so proud of you all.
10U Jazz - 3rd place
14U Lyrical - HC
14U Contemporary - 3rd
15+ Contemporary - 2nd, HC
15+ Tap - HC
15+ Hip Hop - HC
15 + Jazz - HC

Australian Calisthenics Nationals - July 2019!

Well done to the gorgeous Lily for being selected as a National Solo Representative for NSW at the recent ACF Calisthenics National Championships in Perth WA!

Pictured here with coach Miss Danielle

Dance & Dazzle Eisteddfod - June 2019!

Well done to our Seniors - Darcy and Lauren on your Lyrical performances

And to Rebekah for achieving 2nd place in both Lyrical and Contemporary solos!

Dreamworld Dance Tour Highlights - April 2019!

The Menai Eisteddfod Solos - March 2019!


Ava - Acro (1st), Contemporary
Anastasia - Lyrical (2nd)
Lily - Lyrical (HC), Musical Theatre (HC)
Alexis - Classical (HC), Lyrical
Katelyn - Musical Theatre (HC), Lyrical
Alyssa - Musical Theatre (HC)
Sibel - Jazz (HC), Contemporary
Jessica - Jazz (3rd), Contemporary


Rebekah - Contemporary (1st)
Liana - Lyrical (2nd)
Emily - Musical Theatre (1st)
Tahlia - Musical Theatre (2nd)
Layla - Musical Theatre (3rd), Contemporary (HC)
Isabella - Contemporary
Hayley - Jazz, Lyrical, Fast Tap
Melis - Fast Tap


Tayanah - Contemporary (1st), Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Monique - Lyrical (1st), Contemporary (HC), Jazz Duo (1st), Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Katrina - Jazz Duo (1st), Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Mary - Lyrical (HC), Contemporary, Contemporary Duo (3rd)
Halle - Contemporary Duo (3rd)


Erin - Jazz (HC), Lyrical (HC), Contemporary, Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Michaela - Lyrical (2nd), Fast Tap (3rd)
Sophie - Lyrical (HC)
Lauren - Lyrical (HC)



Ava - Acro (1st), Contemporary
Anastasia - Lyrical (2nd)
Lily - Lyrical (HC), Musical Theatre (HC)
Alexis - Classical (HC), Lyrical
Katelyn - Musical Theatre (HC), Lyrical
Alyssa - Musical Theatre (HC)
Sibel - Jazz (HC), Contemporary
Jessica - Jazz (3rd), Contemporary



Rebekah - Contemporary (1st)
Liana - Lyrical (2nd)
Emily - Musical Theatre (1st)
Tahlia - Musical Theatre (2nd)
Layla - Musical Theatre (3rd), Contemporary (HC)
Isabella - Contemporary
Hayley - Jazz, Lyrical, Fast Tap
Melis - Fast Tap


Tayanah - Contemporary (1st), Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Monique - Lyrical (1st), Contemporary (HC), Jazz Duo (1st), Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Katrina - Jazz Duo (1st), Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Mary - Lyrical (HC), Contemporary, Contemporary Duo (3rd)
Halle - Contemporary Duo (3rd)


Erin - Jazz (HC), Lyrical (HC), Contemporary, Contemporary Duo (2nd)
Michaela - Lyrical (2nd), Fast Tap (3rd)
Sophie - Lyrical (HC)
Lauren - Lyrical (HC)

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